Let Me Help You Find the Perfect Rhythm…

If you don't have a background in dance wedding dances can be super intimidating and the google search for wedding lessons is a daunting mixed bag of options. "Do we want to waltz?...WHAT is a waltz?". This search usually ends in a generic dance lesson trying to fit a specific style to your song-choice. After my blissful first dance which seemed to reflect who my husband and I were  I knew I needed to help others achieve a dreamy dance.

As a trained dancer and choreographer with experience in a wide variety of social dances I am equipped to teach you the basics so you and your fiance can feel comfortable and confident as you take the floor!

My hope is to bring personality into your wedding dances by providing lessons in a dance style that reflects you as a couple, or choreography that suits your needs. Whether you are looking for a big production or some structure for your sweet swaying, I'm here to help you feel confident in your dancing and start off your reception with a bang, and a lot of love.