Hello! I am Katherine McClintic. I am both the kind of person who wants everyone up clapping and dancing whenever there is music and an iota of space, and the person who wants to talk about what I have learned most recently on my favorite neuroscience podcast. I have had a lifelong, unwavering love of dance that started with walking on my toes and staying up past my bedtime choreographing full-length ballets to silly songs. In elementary school I would check out the only book about the ballet every other week from the library. That book had a cut-out of The Metropolitan Opera House in it and it was the beginning of my love affair with Lincoln Center and New York City. I moved to New York City right after high school and have since turned survival into an eclectic series of skills. My long-term goal is to be 70 years old and still taking dance class, making art and going to see art of all mediums on the regular.

As an artist I am a curious communicator who believes everyone can dance and I enjoy working with people across all disciplines and abilities. I love collaborating on many types of creative projects and outside of my choreographic work have my hands in several different pies. In my work I aspire to make things that are brave, honest, and full of humanity.

I hope to dance and play creatively with you soon!

Keep in touch, I love rooting for everyone’s projects.

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+Choreographer BIO

Katherine McClintic is a New York City based Choreographer and Dancer. Katherine McClinitc is a curious communicator who believes everyone can dance, she loves bringing people of all disciplines and abilities together to converse and move. Some highlights of Katherine's recent choreographic work for stage include; “Medea” for Columbia University’s MFA Directors program(Dir. Miriam Grill), “Spy in the House of Love”(Dir. Miriam Grill) "Into The Woods"(Dover Little Theater), for film; “Queen of the Mold”(Lizzy Bryce) “Spies?"(Becca Co), “Under the Sky of Your Tough Love”(Meia),"This is B.S." (Ella Smith/Lindsey Bristol) and a concept film she produced and choreographed titled “The Housewives of Corinth”. Katherine McClintic is grateful for the training, collaboration, and mentorship she has received from Dance Lab New York, Galen Hooks, Gibney Dance, Miriam Grill, Plu Sayampol, Columbia University, and her NYC artistic family. On the side, Katherine teaches dance lessons for adult beginners, weddings and events as well as a devised dance class for Kindergartners through Creative Stages. Curious about her work? Check it out at or on her IG: @KgMcClintictock.


Katherine McClintic is a New York City based Dancer and Choreographer. She has trained in Ballet, Contemporary, Musical Theater, Tap, Swing and Hip Hop since age 5. Katherine has participated in certificate programs at Broadway Dance Center, Gibney Dance, and trained with Galen Hooks in her Artist Developments workshops. Katherine performs with the drag artist Pattaya Hart(Plu Sayampol) at The Vic Theater in Chicago, IL and The Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ and Boots and Saddles. Favorite stage credits include ¨Death of A Salesman¨(Columbia MFA of Directing) “ASL: Rocky Horror Picture Show”(DeafTheaterofNY) “Singin’ in the Rain”(NCT) and “Grease”(TheLoveShow). Katherine also teaches partner dancing for weddings, beginning tap classes and a devised dance class for Kindergartners with Creative Stages. Curious about her work? Check it out at or on her IG: @KgMcClintictock.


Katherine McClintic is a New York City based professional with a varied background in customer service, person to person and business to business sales, as well as extensive team and company management. Katherine has held leadership roles at Barnes and Noble(MOD), Kiehl´s Since 1851(Keyholder), FaithStreet(Director of Sales) LaDuca Shoes(Store Manager) and currently works as a business manager for JJ Ignotz Photography, and Tony Howell + Co. Katherine is an energetic and thoughtful member of any team and is particularly passionate about team development, streamlining systems and creating a positive experience for clients. Curious about her work? Check it out at or on her @KgMcClintictock.